The Potentia Health Registry Platform

Monitor the presence of COVID-19 symptoms, exposure and testing. The platform is entirely customizable based on your unique needs.

  • Update information daily
  • Temperature check prior to reporting on campus
  • Manage testing and exposure information instantly
  • Collect variables such as classroom/teacher/grade level to manage by group
  • Our systems are designed for FERPA and HIPAA compliance
Users spend less than two minutes to complete
Clear data protection guidelines
Admin announcements stored and emailed
Live custom dashboards for administrators

COVID-19 presents a variety of new risk factors. PHR is a powerful new tool to help mitigate those risks.

  • Education Leadership
  • Integrate institutional resources into the app
  • Legal protection is built into the app disclaimer at sign on
  • Terms and conditions are customizable to meet your needs
  • Real-time data to manage outbreaks before they happen
  • Faculty/Staff/Students/Parents
  • Monitor spikes more accurately to limit exposure
  • Assess impacts for individual and community

Involving students, parents, faculty and staff in the management of your response to COVID-19 is critical to maintaining trust.

  • Partnering with PHR, accomplish this through:
  • Engaging parents to be part of the solution
  • Providing a weekly summary of updated information and guidance
  • Messaging through the platform in the form of push notifications and updates
  • Providing clear data privacy guidelines

Key Features


  • Standard Features:
       1) Daily COVID Symptom Check and Temperature Input
       2) Household/Roommate Symptom Monitoring
       3) Can Record Recent Travel
       4) Input COVID-19 Testing Results
  • School/University Specific Policies Posted to Inform Students Prior to Attending Classes In Person
  • Push Notifications Within Platform are Sent to the Email Address on File
  • Resources such as FAQ's, Reopening Guidelines and Contact Information Can be Stored and Updated
  • Privacy Policy, FERPA & HIPAA compliance Information Published Within the Platform


  • Manage Exposure and Testing Information Instantly Through the Admin Dashboard
       1) Students who do not meet requirements to attend school    in-person due to school policies are immediately identified
       2) COVID-19 test due list updated in real time to keep those    who are potentially infected at home and bring those who    test negative back to school more quickly
  • Collect Variables Such as Courses and Classrooms to Enable Contact Tracing and Manage Cases by Group
  • Send Compliance Reminders to Users Through Dashboard
  • Resources such as FAQ's, Reopening Guidelines and Contact Information Can be Stored and Updated
  • Capability to Integrate with Course Registration, Enrollment and Other Existing Platforms
Potentia Health Registry is a Potentia Product.
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